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Company Profile

POLAR Design Solutions was started at the end of 2002, focusing its endeavors into the following three broad categories:

• Graphic Design
• Web Design / Web Development
• Corporate Consultation

POLAR believes in providing superior quality, value-added services to the surrounding business environment, thereby creating a stable and growing client-base which extends across South-Africa. By focusing on design and consultation, POLAR insures that the services it provides are relevant, market-related and up to date with current trends in Internet and Graphical Business Solutions.

POLAR's philosophy is to accept and co-ordinate projects of any size or format, and as necessary making use of specific expertise found in outsourced operators. This makes it possible to provide expert knowledge to the client concerning uniqe project needs.

POLAR's client base has grown steadily, and the company has shown great growth and potential in capturing client attention and meeting brief specifications and deadlines consistently. A list of current and past clients is given elsewhere.

POLAR's vision for the future includes expansion into full multi-media solutions encompassing programming, video- and sound-editing and market research, so as to provide a one-stop solution for the current business environment's corporate and graphic needs.


Polar Design Solutions has extensive experience in the fields of Graphic Design, Web Design and Corporate Consultation. We have handled many projects, both large and small. Our team has a solid background in design, communication and marketing, backed up by technical expertise concerning web development, traditional design and related support structures.

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