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Selected client list

  • Aardklop National Arts Festival (Website)
  • Access Home Loans (Corporate ID)
  • Affinity Imports & Exports (Corporate ID, Website, Brochures)
  • AGES Group (Banner, Stationery)
  • AngloGold Ashanti (Interactive CD, Posters, Brochures, Almanac, Posters)
  • Aquaspace Diving Equipment (Website)
  • Balepi Land Surveyors (Corporate ID)
  • Bamba System Software (Corporate ID)
  • Bembani (Folder)
  • Berach Diamonds (Corporate ID, Interactive CD)
  • Café Fiori (Menu's)
  • Centre for Environmental Management (Website, Corporate ID, Brochures, Posters, Advertisments)
  • Christodoulides Communications (Website)
  • Dcom Design & Printing (Website)
  • Despro Technology (Website, Brochure, Folder, Signage)
  • Diatla Cosulting (Corporate ID)
  • Dimalachite Adventure Resort (Website, Banner Ads)
  • EcTrack Software (Interactive CD, Website)
  • Eyesee Software Solutions (Corporate ID)
  • Farm Worker's Fund (Corporate ID, customised CMS)
  • Farmhouse Guesthouse (Website)
  • FNB Superbowl (Presentation, Website)
  • Frontier Bullets (Website)
  • Genius Loci (Corporate ID)
  • Gizmo Office Solutions (Websites)
  • Global IT Solutions (Corporate ID)
  • Golden Key International, Potchefstroom Chapter (Website)
  • Hadassah Beauty Clinic (Website)
  • Henri Human Physiotherapy (Corporate ID, Business Cards)
  • His People Christian Church (Website, Brochures)
  • Holos Practitioners (Corporate ID, Business Cards)
  • Inkwazi Game Farm (Brochure, Business Cards, Corporate ID)
  • IntelliCard Solutions (Corporate ID)
  • KFW Architects (Website & Domain Registration)
  • Matlo Development Solutions (Folder, Corporate ID)
  • Maxim Town & Regional Planners (Corporate ID)
  • M-Tech Industrial (Websites, Posters, Corporate ID's, Brochures, Folders)
  • NEP Consulting (Corporate ID & Folders)
  • North-West University
    • Faculty of Arts (Book Layout & Production)
    • Faculty of Engineering (Website, Newsletter, Posters)
    • University Library (Website)
    • School of Environmental Sciences (Website)
    • School of Music (Brochure Layout)
    • Technology Management Department (Website)
  • Nouveau Magazine (Website)
  • Optimacy (Corporate ID)
  • Pablo's Bistro (SMS web-based system)
  • PGSI Group (Website, Business Cards)
  • Potchefstroom Boys High Scool (Signage)
  • Potchefstroom City Council (Advertisment)
  • Pothcefstroom Service Centre for the Aged (Website)
  • Potroast Fast Food (Corporate ID, Signage, Menu's, Posters)
  • Professional Mobile Mapping (Corporate ID, Website, File Sharing System)
  • Rainbow Nation Security (Business Cards)
  • Slenderwonder (Posters, Marketing)
  • Spring Water Wildlife Estate (Corporate ID)
  • Sternberg Construction (Corporate ID, Business Cards, Website, Advertisements)
  • Unirent (Website)
  • Werner Dey Fashion Design (Website)
  • Wholeness Centre (Website, Manual Layout)
  • Workwell (Annual Report)
  • Yield Student Marketing (Website)
  • Zanki Embroidery Designs (Corporate ID, Website)
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